Encoffined strikes on Jan 6 2015

Next disease to be launched by infamous Till You Fukkin Bleed is Encoffined tape, due to be out on Jan 6 2015.
Debut demo from these Argentinians brings 4 tracks of grinding Death Metal.
Check opening track video:

Available at special price on pre-order only here:

Sangus und Exanimatvm tapes

There is something for the sick ones we have here:

Sangus - Saevitia

New ep from this emerging Black/Crust Beast!!! 5 new songs + 2012 ""demo und 2013 rehearsal.
Truly it’s enough Punk to be Metal!
Check it here: http://sangus.bandcamp.com/


Exanimatvm - Diaboli Gratia

Debut demo – 3 putrid Death Metal tracks from swamps of Chile shall lead your soul astray!
Check it: https://soundcloud.com/enzovelasquez91-1/sets/exanimatvm-diaboli-gratia-ep


Deprive tape is out

Deprive - new outfit from veteran of Spanish Death/Doom scene Erun Dagoth (known for taking part on some dozen of bands). This cassette consists of 2 bands demos - with total of 7 Death/Doom anthems.


Check samples:
then get the release here:

You can get Deprive tape along with other Erun's efforts, namely Eldereon and Moonshine here as bundle at special price:

Amelus tape is out

After morbid struggles with biased graphic tools, lame print houses and broken limbs here it goes:

As mentioned earlier: 3 songs of Ancient, Putrid Death Metal straight from deep bowels of Australia.
Now available as morbid tape release. Get your copy und have your limbs severed!

(w Polsce 10 PLN + grzywna dla poczty - info na maila)

Two versions available
* transparent green cassette
* transparent white cassette


Poll results and other shit

Ok, getting slowly back to life with my severe leg injury, here are some recent news:

The Most Evil 2013 release poll results:

1. Temple of Void
2. Moonshine
3. Forlorn Chambers

And the unlucky winner is Daniel M.G., shall contact thee shortly.

Amelus tape:

will be out soon, working on it.

Amelus - Demo (preorder)

3 songs of Ancient, Putrid Death Metal straight from deep bowels of Australia. 
Now available as morbid tape release. Get your copy und have your limbs severed!
Two versions available 
* transparent green cassette (preorder only) 
* transparent white cassette (regular edition)
Launch night - January 27 2014

I'm happy as hell somebody still mails me ...