The Most Evil 2013 Till You Fukkin Bleed Release

As infamous 2013 runs towards it's gory end, here you have resume of all Till You Fukkin Bleed this year's assaults.

1. Saattovaki "Cryptborn Creation"
2. Moonshine "Among Centuries"
3. Temple of Void "Demo MMXIII"
4. Forlorn Chambers "Unborn and Hollow"
5. Infernus Serpest "The Tongue of the Beast"
6. Druidus "Bestial Crust"
7. DeadInside "That Life is our Worst Enemy"

And poll for The Most Evil One. The prize for one of those sending their vote to before Jan 31 2014 (with "2013 poll" in topic) . The unlucky one will get three tapes of choice of TYFB releases. So see the clips above and make a choice.

DeadInside "That life is our Worst Enemy" tape out soon

Here is flyer for next Till You Fukkin Bleed assault: DeadInside from Chile and their new demo "That life is our Worst Enemy". Expect 4 bits of Death Metal, treading the path of Ancient Masters (Dismember, Entombed) added decent dose of morbid melodies (think of Edge of Sanity, Evocation).
Hear with your own ears:
Tape will be out near half of Dismember 2013 - stay tuned for preorder link soon.

Druidus "Bestial Crust" tape out now

Cassette version of debut demo by these Canadian sickos is out now through Till You Fukkin Bleed.
Big size (20x23 cm) cassette insert with graphic artwork on the back. 
Death White or Tar Black version available. 

Get yourself a copy there and enjoy, or fukk off:

Preorders shall be shipped next week.

W Polsce 10PLN + grzywna dla poczty (pisać na maila)

Druidus - Bestial Crust preorder

Druidus - Bestial Crust - next Till You Fukkin Bleed release we hard work on now, will be out Nov 4 2013. Here is link to pre-order:

Infernvs Serpest "The Tongue of the Beast" tape out now

Now this is what the Devil spoketh by his earthly disciples. Chile's Infernvs Serpest new release is "The Tongue of the Beast". It consist of their 2011 full lenght, 2013 demo and 1 track from 2009 demo for a total of 13 anthems and 53 minutes of Blasphemous Death Metal. Limited to 66, hand numbered copies.
Invite this piece of hell to your home here:

W Polsce 10PLN + poczta. Zamówienia mailem.

Infernvs Serpest and Druidus tape releases

Two morbid tape releases are being prepered for a lethal end of this year.

The outcome of abominable allinace of Infernvs Serpest and Till You Fukkin Bleed will be tape release of their 2011 debut full length "Born of the Fire and the Black Light" enforced with 3 bonus tracks of 2013 demo "Annihilation" as bonus. Expect nothing but 50 minutes of Sudamerica Infierno with 666% dose of Devil in it.

Druidus demo brings observations of eerie ritual chants by inhabitants of unexplored Canada interior vaults. Proceed with caution, these have nothing in common with western civilization values. There are 3 words to describe it: War, Chaos, Destruktion and Blasphemy. Ok, there are 4 words.