Hate, Vomit, Decelebrate!

Hatevomit tapes are ready to decelebrate the days to come. Available at presale for just one more day: http://tyfb.8merch.com/necr_v_mit-id7388

Hatevomit - Necrövömit

Christmass gonna be merry as fukk this year, since cassette version of Hatevomit "Necrövömit" is scheduled for Dismember 24 2015. Thus - get prepared for 6 punches of fury Death/Black Metal from Turkey to accompany your eve feast.
Check it there: http://hatevomit.bandcamp.com/album/necr-v-mit
Preorder link. http://tyfb.8merch.com/necr_v_mit-id7388
The shipping will start on December 27.

Just Before Dawn - The Dead and Those About to Die!

Just Before Dawn - The Dead and Those About to Die! is out finally. Because of heavy disorder we encounter with out web store, you'd need to mail me at tillyoufukkinbleed@wp.pl or send FB message for order details. The price for this gem is USD 7,25 (incuded postage to your dying area worldwide).

Decaying "The Forgotten Conflict"

Three early tracks re-recorded solely for the purpose of this release.
27 minutes of ultra heavy Death Metal in vein of Asphyx and Bolt Thrower.
Tape limited to 99 copies.

Check it there:
then order:
A z Polski tu:

Decaying - The Forgotten Conflict

Finland's Decaying exumed three of their early war anthems, and re-recorded them so that they finally sound as they should.

Check it here:

These will bee soon available as tape, reserve copy here:

Get buried alive!

Tape editon of Newcastle's Live Burial demo.
Brings you all you might miss from Obituary, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy.
4 tracks, 22 minutes of massive Death Metal.
Check it there:

Available there:

Live Burial

4 tracks/23 minutes of massive Death Metal, positioned somewhere between "The IVth Crusade" and "The End Complete". 

Their demo on cassette on preorder now :


Release date: July 20 2015.

Check them there:

Let Them Hang "Blood Illuminated Grave" tape is out now

This is compilation of two eps form these Gothenburg based Death'n'Rollers. Yes, it's heard they like mid era Entombed in these 6 tunes, so if you are into modern stuff you can skip it with no regret.. 

Check for yourselves: 
This is available at these locations: 

Saattoväki "Carnal Liturgies" tape/tshirt out now

2nd demo from these Finnish deviants. This abuses your senses with 4 tracks/17 minutes of Death Grind. As if Grave (around "Souless" period) recorded "Heartwork". Amazing stuff! 
Check new tunes there:

Also available tshirt with artwork - hight quality black print on red, natural cotton. green, graphite or yellow Fruit of the Loom.

Grab tape here and tshirt there

Worms tape is exumed!

The wait is over - Worms tape is released right today and with it - 4 tracks of Death Metal from below the ground.


Get it there:

Release plan for Q1 2015

Here is brave release plan for weeks to come:

WORMS - demo tape /around Feb 2015
Death Metal from Chile

SAATTOVAKI - Carnal Liturgies (tape EP) / around March 2015
Death/Grind from Finland

LET THEM HANG - Blood Illuminated Grave (tape) / around March/April 2015
Compilation tape of 2 EP from these Gothenburg based Death'n'Rollers

Encoffined tape out today!

After reprehensible delay (guilty ones have been beheaded sevenfold) Encoffined demo tape is finally available.
Preorders will be shipped next week with killer bonus to compensate that shameful wait.