Hate, Vomit, Decelebrate!

Hatevomit tapes are ready to decelebrate the days to come. Available at presale for just one more day: http://tyfb.8merch.com/necr_v_mit-id7388

Hatevomit - Necrövömit

Christmass gonna be merry as fukk this year, since cassette version of Hatevomit "Necrövömit" is scheduled for Dismember 24 2015. Thus - get prepared for 6 punches of fury Death/Black Metal from Turkey to accompany your eve feast.
Check it there: http://hatevomit.bandcamp.com/album/necr-v-mit
Preorder link. http://tyfb.8merch.com/necr_v_mit-id7388
The shipping will start on December 27.