"Demo MMXIII" Temple of Void tape

Right after mid summer solstice, as the sun is now slowly turning its effigy towards darkness, it's a perfect moment for Doom to spread all over god forsaken Earth. Get enchanted by sounds of the End, as Temple of Void lays are praising the world downfall. This shall bring thee heavy as Hell Metal with Cethedral trace on Doom hand and Bolt Thrower/Grave on Death one.
3 song demo, 22 minutes now available on tape in a distro near you!
Get this very tape and bleed yourself to death (razor blade not included). 
Available for 12PLN/4EUR/5USD + postage

"...Among Centuries (Thy Will be Done)" Moonshine  tape

6 tracks/26 minutes of Death/Doom Metal worshipping Ancient Masters. Think of old Paradise Lost, very old Anathema, Autopsy, Hypocrisy, Edge of Sanity.Featuring Hrizg, Eldereon, Crystal Moors, Briargh members.Available for 12PLN/4EUR/5USD + postage

"Cryptborn Creation" Saattov√§ki tape

tape from Finland's Saattov√§ki. 7 tracks/20 minutes of primal Death/Grind flavoured with morbid stench of early Finnish scene all over it (rememeber Demilich, Disgrace, Lubricant?)
Available on tape for 12PLN/4EUR/5USD + postage

Also available "Froot o the Gloom" TS with white screen printing. for 10eur/14usd including postage everywhere in the world. Can be also ordered in bundle with tape for a total of 12eur/17usd. For registered postage add 1,25eur/2usd,  for priority postage add 0,75eur/1usd (to avoid waiting some 3 months for pack to get over there in Aborigenia).

Dhwesha tape

Now this is amazing! Low tuned Death Metal with scent of ancient mystery in it! If you liked Winham Hell, then you won't escape from Dhwesha's spell. You will sense something not of this world! 6 track demo now available as tape - for 12PLN/4EUR/6USD (postage included)
Check samples:

"Males Infestus"
Cauterization tape

Imagine south america Death Metal inferno enriched with Vital Remains and Behemoth traces. Intro + 3 devastating anthems will leave you gasping for air. Now available on tape - for 12PLN/4EUR/6USD (postage included).


"Rex Verminirum"
 Escarnium tape

Emerging masters of Brasilian Metal da Morte returns with new ep, that will be followed with April/May European tour. Now available on tape - for 12PLN/4EUR/6USD (postage included).

"To Hell, Farewell"
Malfeitor tape

As ancient prophecy saith: "Hell will be giveth to mankind when first of seventh rises. It shall take shape of six times sixty six. And tears and blood shall flood thy land". And so it is done, the day has come. Sweden's Malfeitor "To Hell, Farewell" demo is available for you to suffer. 66 hand numbered copies. Get it for 12PLN/4EUR/6USD.

"Blood of the Dying"
Eldereon CD/tape

Debut full lenght - near 40 minutes / 9 anthems of Death Black Metal with touch from such masters as Immolation, Morbid Angel, Dissection, Hypocrisy, My dying Bride.
First 100 oders come with bonus button.Get this brutal art masterpiece for 20PLN/7EUR/10USD (CD - postage included - no jewel case sent, ask for other options) or 12PLN/4EUR/6USD (tape)

"Cemetery Dirges"
Monument of Bones tape

-->Brings you stench from the ancient tomb in shape of 50+ minutes True Horror Metal exhaust! Released on tape with pro-printed, full color cover, limited to 136 copies.
First 44 oders come with bonus sticker.
Get this pure satanik horror worship for
12 PLN/4EUR/6USD (postage included)


"Celebrating the World of Decadence" 
Escarnium/Inside Hatred split tape

Split from two metal da morte Brasilian commandos:
Escarnium - 4 tracks from their demo "Covered in decadence" + 2 live covers (Hypocrisy, Grave)
Inside Hatred - with their "The Degenerated World of The Holy Decadents" + bonus Incantation cover

55 minutes of metal da morte from the deepest basements of inferno!!!

"South America Inferno Attack"
Exterminatorium/Necrobscure split tape

Split from two promising Brasilian commandos:
Exterminatorium – 5 anthems + intro for all those who praise war and chaos, worshiping Rebaelliun/Angelcorpse/Impiety, pure South America madness!!
Necrobscure – 4 assaults + intro of pure blasphemy – straigtforward slap in the face of evyrything that`s sacred, inspired with Immolation und Morbid Angel!!

Near 48 minutes of high sulphur metal da morte, released on tape with pro full color cover.