Paganizer "Sherdil" tape ready to go!

We here at Till You Fukkin Bleed are pleased to decelebrate this years "All Hallows’ Eve" by unleashing new tape ep from some savage Swedes. Thus, prepare to get Paganized on Oct 31.
Tapes are good and ready to go. Few hours left to get this at preorder price there:
Check sample there:

The Black Harvest "Mysterious Glory of Immortality" tape

The Black Harvest "Mysterious Glory of Immortality" tape is now spreading the Pain over the Land. 8 tunes of Death/Doom Metal, perfect if yearning for some utterly joyless sound halfway between "Lost Paradise" and "As the Flowers Wither" with "Ames the Marbre" scent here and there.
Sample tune:
Accept it there (two versions available): 

Just Before Dawn "The ghosts of the Eastern Front"

New tape from Just Beforre Dawn is availabe here:

Horrified - Of Despair (out on April 22 2016)

We here at Till You Fukkin Bleed are honored to put out tape version of second observation by UK's Horrified. This is significant step forward, or to the side maybe, comparing to their 2014 debut. Expect tunes somewhere from between Dismember/Edge of Sanity on one end and Dissection/Necrophobic on the other, flavoured with amazing solos and Iron Maiden like harmonies. Really advanced and mature effort. This is scheduled for April 22 2016. 70 hand numbered copies. 

Check it here:

Horrified "Of Despair" tape version is available on preorder now there: 

Scent of grave


Carnal Condemnation and Chaskels tapes are here and both spread foul scent of grave. Get these, bring a piece of it to your home and share it to your neighbours.

Two new tape releases that bring anguish and suffering ...

Two new releases are currently in the process of printing and shall be available on March 13.

Carnal Condemnation - Soul Burning Hatred

Brasil's Carnal Condemnation ep brings 30 minutes of swampy Death Metal.

preorder link:

Cháskels - An Approach to the Hallucinatory Dimension of the Wise Buried Past

Old, putrid and ancient Death Metal from below the ground. Debut demo from these Chile's exhaust.