Cauterization "Id Katharsis" cassette

Very truly I tell thee: I do touch my sinful flesh and soul with new Cauterization songs. And thou art not, alas. But do not weep - can get this unholy gem at preorder price there:
Or thou can refrain and hopelessly look forward for coming of your redeemer.

Pro Patria Finlandia!

To commemorate Dec 6 1917 anniversary, for next week we have special 2.99USD price for releases from Finland's bands we were happy to work with. So if you missed any tape from Saattoväki, Forlorn Chambers, Decaying, Curse Eternal this is your chance to redeem this shame. Kippis!

We're coming to get your brains

Limited Abhorrent Funeral tshirt with "We're coming to get your brains" available. Get just this or in bundle with "Ugly Tales" cassette for special price here:

Keep your Friday 13th holy!

Abhorrent Funeral "Ugly Tales" cassette is out today, thus you can keep Friday 13th holy.
We invite you to over 30 minutes death/doom/punk metal bulldozer journey throught dungeons of true horror and macabre!
First 50 copies goes with artwork a3 size poster!
Ordering link:

Abhorrent Funeral "Ugly Tales"

You now have 13 days of ease left. Then you can die in what way seems best to you.

Two new releases

As soon as summer rots and death pale Autumn shall conquer it's realm, two new TYFB releases will spoil the face of the earth. This earth.

Kira - Ancient Lies

This is the new name at Poland's Death/Black scene, still people behind Kira are not newcomers at all. And this will be heard. Cassette version of debut album out on September 15.

Ordo Caper - Offerings of the Rotten

This is rerelease of debut demo from this South America moster, added three cover songs as bonus. Expect truly abyssal tunes.

Burn Gothenburg, burn!

Third ep from Let Them Hang based Death'n'Rollers now as cassette release. "Human Macabre Icon" gets you 3 tunes and 10 minutes of vibe you might cherish from later Entombed efforts, but more downtuned and with deeper pulse.
Burn Gothenburg, burrn!
Get this there:

Get your soul Cursed Eternally!

Curse Eternal "Demo 2017" tape cassette is available.
Death/Thrash/Black from Finland worshipping Ancient Gods: Treblinka/Tiamat/Nifelheim/Venom/Bathory.
4 songs, debut demo, tape cassette release.
Hear for your own ears:

Get it here:
and have your soul cursed forevermore.

Morbid Stench tape is out

Debut demo from El Salvador Morbid Stench. 3 tunes of Death/Doom. Europe Till You Fukkin Bleed edition Comes as sleeve with big size artwork/lirycs sheet. Limited to 75 copies.
Check it here:
and then get your copy there:

El Salvador hateful twin assault!

Conceived by Hate "Death&Beyond" cassette lp available here:

Morbid Stench "The Stench of Doom" demo tape out soon: