The Most Evil 2013 Till You Fukkin Bleed Release

As infamous 2013 runs towards it's gory end, here you have resume of all Till You Fukkin Bleed this year's assaults.

1. Saattovaki "Cryptborn Creation"
2. Moonshine "Among Centuries"
3. Temple of Void "Demo MMXIII"
4. Forlorn Chambers "Unborn and Hollow"
5. Infernus Serpest "The Tongue of the Beast"
6. Druidus "Bestial Crust"
7. DeadInside "That Life is our Worst Enemy"

And poll for The Most Evil One. The prize for one of those sending their vote to before Jan 31 2014 (with "2013 poll" in topic) . The unlucky one will get three tapes of choice of TYFB releases. So see the clips above and make a choice.

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