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Can you first introduce band in a few words and say somethng about members.

The Ominous Crucifix emerges in the 2007, year of this black omens era. Two revels of Christian faith were recruiting members to preach savagely their own true (Executioner & Crucifier). Their invocations were answered by an old and well known man that lived in hate (Lord Dweller), dedicated to the underworld, member of bands that worship death (Necroccultus and Sargatanas) he take the same way so his friend, the Omega Tyrant, warrior of thousand battles always willing to take the bass to exterminate melodies of joy. Four pillars were exposed finally to the shadows of the moon, so finally to complete the five points; Mercury raised high over the skies and sent his own son, The Mercurial Herald to speak for them with tongue of fire.

You claim among others Necrophobic, Paradise Lost, DarkThrone, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Incantation, Goreaphobia, Necros Christos, Lie in Ruins as your inspirations. Which of them is most important you Ominous Crucifix?

Personally, the old Necrophobic and Paradise Lost was my main reason to betray my family believes. I think that for the band all those bands are elements for our formula.

I can see you worship heavy/brutal Death Metal way than fast/technical form of it. Anyway, do you accept other forms of Extreme Metal?

Sure! Death Metal has so many genres and classifications now days. However there always times that so passionate creativity emerges so sublime that is almost impossible not to pay attention, no matter if is Brutal, Black or Thrash Speed Metal. However, FUCK ! the Porno Grind Metal assholes.

Also, what is your opinion about some of these bands style changes across years. Do you give a listen to the new recordings from bands, that wimped out over years putting on shitty records?

Yeah some of my faves just fucked their essence!
I’m not against the musical maturity; however some of the bands just lost their way trying to find the trident of sublime musical composition. The 90’s were so splendid, and there were so many bands emerging with so different sound and ideas, it was a glorious time, suddenly the best death metal bands were willing to change their style to look and sound like other new ones, or just evolved musically to try to be the best players of solos on earth, living for the music that represent big money.

Before ep you had tape split with Soul Eater, are these recording taken from your demo?

Yes, SoulEater is a teenager Death Thrash band. They were starting just like us; we just thought that make something together would be great thing for our local scene.

What do you think about old fasioned Death Metal releases, like paper zines / tape demos / xeroxed inlays, it looks like they are getting back again?

It is fucking great man!
I just received the Crypts of Eternity and the Mystical Music zines next with four editions of the Trash Attack zine. Those zines make me have a great moment on weekend enjoying a cold beer. Also I’m a great fanatic of new bands emerging from whole over the globe, playing old Death Metal in the way that should be. No matter if they published their music on gaySpace or if they are younger than me or coming from unknown countries. Let’s stop that crap of pretending be so evil for this generations and questioning the way how death metal should be promoted or the way how it should be play it (Old Skull Death Metal) I’m 35 man and the near next 10 years will be entirely a new scene of kids doing their best and supporting the scene by themselves, we … ha, ha, ha we will be so worry about our medical condition and the most easy and comfortable way for surviving.

I believe your lirycs are mainly anti-christian and blasphemies, but I'm particularly interestes in "A Savior for me". Can you say in few words what is it about?

Hope you like that song, “A savior for me” is the second song we made and it’s a doom death metal song. It has the feeling of a deception condition by someone that spent almost whole life living in lies and fears inherited by traditional believes, looking for a paternal face to heal the wounds of a miserable young existence, pretending that a savior will descend from the skies to save him from his misery. Finally when dead touch his old hands; he finally claims in absolute deception “I WAS BLIND TO SEE” I avoided passion and received pain.

In general, what is Ominous Crucifix lirical inspiration? Have you thought about using some prechristian ancient Mexican culture elements?

I`m not really interested in Mexican Culture, I’m not a patriot ... We are rebels against all forms of dogmatic slavery.
Our lyrics don’t come from tales; they are alive because they talk about real events and real feelings, real afflictions.
Mexico is a 99 % catholic country, can you image how difficult is to open the eyes and be against your family believes and practices. Fucking false faith, Fucking Church!. Here in Mexico priests earn more money that a real hard worker man that have a family. They deceive all innocent lambs to make money and live well. That’s why they build a fucking church on every corner of every city.

Can you cay few words about your live performances so far? And what band would be your wish to play with?

We really don’t have much gigs, our performance is a very common death metal band profile (leather ,black levis , spikes, boots ... whatever).
Arggg !! there are so much bands I would like to play with… too difficult to make a choice.

It seems like Morbid Kult put quite effort release of your ep and it is very professional. How do you like job they made, and how did you come to work with them?

I can just only be very grateful with CUAXO and his MORBID KULT RECORDS. He’s spreading our work along the entire world. CUAXO is an ex-Morbosidad and he listened to our shit on our MySpace, later all is history, we still are very happy with the results.

Also, what is your attitude for recording work - do you put much effort to make your songs sound well or give it rather to record anger and hate explosions in raw form?

We all are dedicated almost 90 percent to our careers and families, our songs production is very limited through the year, so YES we are trying to do our best on every song we make.

What are your plans about next release, what about full lenght?

We really, really like to do some splits on vinyl format so if some band or record is interested please get in contact with us. Also we have some offers for a Full length but it would take almost a year and a half to complete an 8 tracks or 40 min Length production.

From what I know, maniax in Mexico are very serious about their attitude and respect towards metal, do you agree? What about support you get from your country mates?

Mexico is a let’s say … common scene … at the capital, D.F.; there is a massive scene of death metal heads and bands of all genres. Yes, most of them take very serious his musical tastes, some of them are so serious that they want to be so exclusive hearing a very unknown underground limited 10 copies demos of shit. We have found a very limited support from our country mates, Ominous Crucifix is almost unknown to our own land. Support has been always come from foreigners, I thing we are not so good for the Mexican scene. Let’s see what happen later…

Can you say about local scene in your area? Maybe reccomend some newcoming band?

Our local and national scene is growing fast, I like that !, we have bands as Zombiefication, Majestic Downfall and Profanator (not so new) just like us, trying to emerge and do an acceptable work. There are some more new bands out there, let’s give them some chance to exploit.

Last word from you to readers and what about plans for near future?

It has been a pleasure to answer your questions, I have seen your previous interviews and you spent so much time doing a great job… congratulations for that BARTUUS! We invite everybody to check us out on our MySpace and listen to our shit. Zines, Labels , Bands refer to to contact the band.

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